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Connectivity Functions

KONNG is the comprehensive inflight connectivity solution that delivers unlimited text, connectivity to email, and access to data services.

KONNG User Guide

​​​​​​​#1 Supplier of Bluetooth

Inflight Connectivity Solutions​​​​​​

Are you thinking about installing Wi-Fi on-board? 

Are you sick of paying extraordinarily high fees for inflight Internet?

KONNG System

KONNG is a pay-as-you-go live Internet App that provides pilots and passengers with real-time information on data usage and cost, cutting your Wi-Fi bill by up to 95%!

  • Eliminate the possibility of billing disputes by keeping passengers informed about how much data they are consuming.
  • Operators, crew and passengers receive an email summary at the conclusion of the flight.
  • ​​Stay in touch with people on the ground and keep abreast of business communications via Text and Email 
  • Enhance flight operations with simple App-based Messaging
  • ​Explore the web with easy access Internet

Avoid Sky High Bills